Dairy-free Ice creams and the kinds available!

March 20, 2019

Dairy-free ice creams by chef's satchel

What is dairy-free ice cream

It's a hot summer day, you're craving ice cream but also want to look after that body you've worked so hard for? You may find some dairy-free options in a different aisle. 

But what we told you, dairy-free ice creams made with soy, almonds, coconut milk, and soy milk might be close to killing those cravings without having to be too harsh on you. 

Let's get one fact out of the way, the US FDA's definition of ice cream is desserts consisting of 'dairy ingredients', most of the time when looking for dairy-free ice creams will be labeled as "non-dairy frozen dessert"


Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Types

Let's take a look at the different dairy-free bases available in the market.

Avocado Ice cream

As we know, most people would use avocados for guacamole or on their morning toast. These magical creamy fruits can also surprisingly be used as a base for non-dairy ice creams. Who would've thought?? 

Our favorite brand:


Rice Ice cream

Before we knew about cashew milk and almond milk, rice was one of the only dominant dairy-free substitutes available. We found this to quickly melt when it hits the tongue giving sweet milk like taste on the first initial taste note. However, an after taste is followed right after which leaves a lingering bitterness to it which is unavoidable. 

Our preferred brand:

Rice DREAM Vanilla 

Almond Milk Ice cream

Almond milk is most commonly used to replace those dairy cravings for smoothies or just as a drink. The process of making almond milk is pretty straight forward - Soak almonds overnight in water. Blend along with some water then straining the mixture through a cheesecloth which gives us almond milk. 

Known fact - Ice cream basis such as the one with almond milk will have some sort of added fat to it. This fat prevents the ice cream from an ice-like texture. 

Favorite brands:

Ben and Jerry's 


So Delicious

Oat Milk Ice cream

Oat milk is the trending new vegan dessert which is perfect for an ice cream base.

Certain brands have rolled out oat milk ice creams as this is a new hip trend for many. Since oat milk is dairy-free, it doesn't shy away for the fat content in it. A serving size of 2/3rd of a cup may range between 230 to 260 calories. So watch out for those calories. 

Trending oat milk ice cream brands:

Wink frozen desserts 

Cashew Milk Ice cream

The procedure involved in making cashew milk is identical to that of extracting almond milk. Cashews naturally tend to have a buttery texture which makes it one of our go to.


SO Delicious

Always remember, dairy-free desserts do consist of sugar and fats. These terms may create a blinding effect in consumption of calories. These products do consist of large amounts of calories and one must watch out for the number of calories to be consumed.