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About Chef Leather

Working as a professional chef in the kitchen for over 8 years, I noticed a great need in storing all my knives in one compact space for which I needed to create a solution for not only me but all the chefs in the industry.

We are a brand focused on style and simplicity keeping our customers in mind. Whether a student or a professional, our bags are made to sustain the everyday hustle and bustle of daily travels. Our bags are made with heavy duty ECO- friendly thick full grain leather. This material makes our bags last for a very long time.

Our mission is to keep our designs as simple yet stylish and durable. Our series of bags have been designed and redesigned just to bring you the best of our products. This is the end result, everything we love and believe in.

Being a professional chef is one of the toughest jobs.  The stress and pressure a chef goes through are immense. With limited styling options, we thought to ourselves a Chef needs more than just tattoos and a boring apron. A Chef will always love his knives which he cares for more preciously than a baby. That's when an idea was generated keeping those thoughts in mind, we wanted to mix style with care to carry those babies with style. 

Leather Knife Bag | Knife Roll

Our Leather Knife Rolls and Aprons are made with pure leather. It is very important for us to choose leather which is free of chemicals that damage our environment. All our Leather rolls, as well as aprons, are made keeping the environment in mind. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most stylish products yet being ECO-friendly. 


Constructed with water buffalo hide and canvas lining. Features two attractive brass buckles to keep the knives secure when on the go.

Each bag is hand cut, made with Eco-friendly leather (the same stuff the cowboys use) to protect your most precious knives...

Perfect gift for that amateur Chef in your life who owns everything or wants to upgrade his/her knife bag/knife roll. Caring for your personal knife collection requires finding the right knife roll for you, this knife roll is a perfect fit for you or friend.

This is the BEST HANDMADE LEATHER KNIFE CASE you will find in the market.

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