The Works Washed Canvas Bistro Aprons

There is a reason why this apron is the best choice offered by Chef’s Satchel.

The handmade washed canvas apron is super durable. The colors are modern and the fit is perfect for anyone who is fond of light material. The 12 oz washed canvas apron comes with a comfortable waist strap which allows easy tying with an addition of a detachable neck strap which gives you the freedom to turn this fantastic apron into a half bistro style.

With multiple pockets, this apron lets you keep your pens and tweezers when you need them the most. Best for anyone who loves accessorizing with aprons whether it be a florist, artist, bartender, or chef.

Dimensions for the apron are as follows -

Length - 34.25"

Width - 26.75"

Handmade canvas strap aprons for sale