Understanding Burgers that are Under Cooked compared to other Meats

May 07, 2019

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Ground beef v/s steak



When handling meat, it is of utmost importance to regulate temperatures. When beef is processed for the manufacturing of burger patties, chunks of cut beef are ground. During the grinding process, the beef gets exposed to bacteria. In order to safely eliminate the bacteria safely, the burgers are cooked through and through until the point of a well well-done stage. 



Ground beef v/s Steaks

Steak, on the other hand, is a solid chunk of meat which when processed for packaging does happen to fluctuate between temperatures but the core of the meat is not directly exposed to bacteria. The bacteria on a steak can be eliminated by giving a good sear on the surfaces thoroughly. For this, a customer can choose the doneness of the steak as per their needs. 

Always handle meats with clean knives, clean surfaces, and with a pair of gloves.