Cast Iron Pan - What to and What NOT to cook in it!

May 12, 2019

What to and what not to cook in a cast iron pan

Nothing is better than whipping up a meal in our beloved Cast Iron pan. They are efficient, retain heat, etc. Yt, some of us get intimidated with the thought of using it or get lazy with the end thought of cleaning the pan. 

This pan has received a label of being the workhorse of the great kitchens due to the amount of wear and tear it can handle. 

How do you maintain the Cast Iron pan for best results - 

  • Avoid using soap when washing the pan but a little lather does not hurt. 
  • Do not put your pan in a dishwasher. This will seriously damage the pan's surface causing it to rust. 
  • Do not use a metal scrub on your pan when cleaning or your pan will lose the seasoned layer.

 Here's a video to guide you through the cleaning process of the pan.

 Now, let's get down to business. What should you avoid cooking in a cast iron pan? 


Cast Irons does take time to get a good coat of seasoning. But they cannot truly be a considered a non-stick pan. Delicate pieces of fish can be hard to cook as there is a chance for the fish to get stuck resulting in a not so good sear along with causing the fish to break. Choosing a thick piece of fish and cooking them skin side down is preferable. 

 Flavour Town

Cast irons are known to be allrounders*. '*' is a condition apply to it.

When using the pan to make marinara or similar other high acidic sauces, it is important to know tomatoes can be harsh on the pan. The seasoning of the pan can get damaged with the tomatoes or even for that matter having to deglaze the pan with wine. Always remember, no matter how well seasoned your pan is, the acidic levels of wine and tomatoes can harm the exposed seasoning imparting a metallic flavor which most of us aren't looking for when cooking.