Meats For Use of Jerky

April 24, 2019

Different kinds of jerky by chef's satchel

Jerky was one of the best concepts to work with. Understanding the science behind Jerky is amazing to know that the process was first used in the 1550s in South America for preventing the fresh meats from spoiling by means of preservation. 
Salmon jerky

Albacore Tuna Jerky

Albacore tuna is very popular amongst sushi restaurants for Sashimis.  That's all we are limited to but, there is so much more of a use of this wonderful fish. 
With a lot of trial and tests, we were able to turn Albacore Tuna into jerky. It is a 3-day process which requires slicing the tuna lengthwise to achieve slices of about 2" and then marinating the tuna in a soy and mirin marinade. The tuna is then drained and left to air dry in the refrigerator for a day. The tuna was then air dried with no heat in a conventional oven leaving the doors ajar for constant circulation of air. 
The last step requires smoking of the tuna with hickory woodchips or any desired woodchips for a minimum of 15 minutes. Oversmoking may mask the flavor. The end result is fabulous with a perfect jerky-like texture. 
With the above texture, we were able to achieve the same results with scallops. After shredding the scallop, you have a choice to flash fry the strands to achieve optimum crispiness which can either be consumed as it is or used in the salads as we did. 

Duck Jerky

Duck jerky made from whole duck breasts is a great addition to the jerky family. The best way to achieve great results for the duck jerky is to make sure the fat is scored, then seasoned with a mix of salt, sugar and cinnamon powder. Coating it well, air drying for 2 days. If the duck breast has a thick layer of fat, do not trim it. Before smoking the breasts, simply heat a cast iron pan and give the fat side down a quick sear. Save the fat for future purposes. Eventually smoking the duck breast. The duck breast jerky has a sweet, gamy taste. Perfect for on the go snack. 

Ostrich Jerky

Ostrich jerky texture is very similar to that of beef. Let's just assume the preparation of a lot of the jery revolves around the same as that of marinating the meat in soy along with a mix of salt, brown sugar as well as garlic. 

What kind of different Jerky have you tried?