Earth day. Let's make small changes in the kitchen!

April 22, 2019

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Happy Earth day everyone. Let's be honest, it doesn't have to be a certain day to contribute towards making a change. Some companies are already pledging towards minimizing waste in terms of how the product has been packaged. It's hard to completely get to zero waste but, taking the right steps towards easing off on it is what we need to take steps towards. 

We have a list of ways to help reduce waste: 

Glass Jars

 Ways to reduce waste in the kitchen

Emptied out the jam? Don't throw it away. Reusing glass jars rather than disposing of it not only helps cut the waste but also gives you the opportunity to reuse the jars for canning, storing ingredients or simply using it as a pen holder. 

Bees Wax Food Wrap 

reusable food wrap made with bee's wax

Help eliminate the use of foil or plastic wrap for covering cut vegetables or simply using to cover the food in a bowl. Using Bees Wax food wrap is helpful for re-use as well as hassle-free from the frustration of having to use the plastic wrap. 

Reusable straws and Coffee Mugs 

reusable coffee cups Starbucks apron for sale

Companies like Starbucks have started to implement towards scrapping plastic straws along with restaurants offering straws only upon the request of a customer.  

Reusable Bags

reusable grocery bags

There are so many options available for shopping bags which are stylish yet serve the purpose of being strong. These reusable bags are available in abundance. We always urge on carrying these bags to the grocery stores for avoiding using plastic bags. A small change can contribute to a better future. 

Cloth Napkins over Paper towels 

kitchen towel for chefs

Using a cloth napkin reduces your waste and also does a better job of wiping off dirt from that stove than a paper towel which tears halfway in the job.