What to Order at a Mexican Restaurant.

February 28, 2020

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Get your mind blown by ordering this at a Mexican restaurant

We all love Mexican food, but we all sometimes are in a situation finding ourselves navigating through the menu looking at the same old items to order.

Best things to order - 


1) Grilled Fish Tacos

Mexican food does not necessarily consist of melted cheese and re-fried beans. When I am getting my fix for the ultimate Mexican food, I devour the grilled fish tacos with corn tortillas with a side of salad. They are light, full of flavor and helps with portion control.

2) Fajitas
Building your own taco is also a great option. Ordering a grilled chicken or fish fajita can get you off to a great start. Since flour tortillas consist of too many calories, it might be better for you to switch to corn tortillas instead. 

3) Tequila 
Tequila on the rocks with lime is refreshing and a great option as compared to margaritas. 


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Being mindful of what you order benefits you of not being overfull at the end of the meal. Trust me, you're going to thank yourself later for not loading yourself up with the useless calories. 

Worst things to order - 
1) Chimichangas
Chimichangas are a Mexican-American fusion large deep-fried burrito. They are juicy, full of meat, beans and rice. But often, when deep-fried, it loses most of its flavor. Most of the taste is derived from the cheesy sauce it is topped with. They are definitely not worth the calories. 

2) Margaritas 
Yes, you've had a long day/week and deserve a drink. But, a margarita is nothing but a glass full of sugar with some alcohol which ultimately is not just a waste of calories but the sugar gets you full even before you've had your Mexican food fix.
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3) Nachos
Nachos Known to be the best appetizer on the menu by self-proclaimed Mexican restaurants are the worst things to order. A plate full of fried tortilla chips, sour cream, cheese is nothing but adding sodium and unwanted calories to your lovely evening.