Restaurant Red Flags Diners need to know

July 14, 2019

Red flags diners should know of before eating

Restaurants are the best places for any celebrations or simply getting away from having to cook food for an evening and dealing with the mess. But, there are certain things to keep in mind when dining at a restaurant. Here are things to keep in mind when dining at a restaurant.

Avoid dining at a restaurant after a holiday. 

Restaurants operate under minimal profits. With that being said, certain restaurants are closed on holidays such as Christmas. Restaurants start preparing for complete close days prior. Which also means selling out of all the perishable/fresh food items. What you should look out for is eating at a restaurant after it is open for business after the holidays. The Bolognese you may have ordered might have been frozen and defrosted for selling purposes. The best option would be for you to carry food from home. Better to eat fresh home-cooked meals than having to eat frozen food.

Voice yourself if you do not like something. 

When you order a dish from the menu, you try it and do not like the taste of it for any reasons such as it not being hot (temperature-wise) or it may taste not so fresh. It is important to communicate that to your server. We are all humans and do make errors. It is important to be calm when asking for a replacement or another dish instead. You never know, you might just get the meal for free or the restaurant might give you a free meal for the next time you are in the restaurant. Always be kind. 


Restaurants love for all of their seats to be occupied with each person with either an alcoholic beverage or a meal. This can be achieved by restaurants publishing great deals. Always be on a lookout for the deals of the day or simply a Groupon/ Coupon. Just don't forget to take it with you or sign up for it to save time when it is time to pay for your meal. 

Great Service 

We all love being treated well at a restaurant. We also need to return that favor by treating the server serving your table. Servers love being addressed by their first name. Servers are on their toes for hours together without a break. A little extra kindness goes a long way.