Chef's Secrets That Will Change How You Work.

April 07, 2019

Chef's Secrets that will change how you work

Chefs are the most interesting characters to understand. A chef and true cooks show off a lot of skills not only managing the kitchen but following parts of a kitchen regime to their life. 

So chefs do possess all these qualities that keep them on track each day of their lives, what can one learn from chefs and apply it to their profession? A LOT! 

People working in other professions for eg. an office job, getting to know how chefs function in terms of being productive and proactive and applying that in your place of the profession can be very beneficial. 

Chefs and cooks always have a busy day ahead of them. Being prepared for such a rush, being physically and mentally prepared is of utmost importance. Daniel Humm, executive chef, and co-owner of Eleven Madison Park mentions dedicating his mornings to a yoga session or a bike ride around the city which helps him set up for success and clears his head. 

In comparison to an office job, dedicating your morning to a quick 20-minute workout or some meditation can be beneficial in planning the rest of the day. 


This particular term is heard and expressed by every individual in the kitchen industry from the time they start their career to the time they retire. The literal translation for Mis-En-Place is Set up. Chefs are cooking or preparing food during the hours of operation and pre-preparing food for the next day. A set up (mis-en-place) plays a very important role in making sure a chef stays well organized by having everything he/she needs in front of them for the smooth execution of preparing a dish. Time is of great essence in the kitchen. Missing out on the smallest component of a dish not being in the reach of a chef during busy hours can cost them time and frustration. 

In similarity, having your schedules and meetings together well in advance and returning calls promptly can put you well ahead of the game. 

Time Crunch 

Chefs are on the go. Time management is a crucial factor. Planning the tasks meticulously gives them enough time in between to plan for the next as per the situation. Allocating time for each task helps not only be organized but also being more focused as it pushes you to do more and scratch tasks off your list. 

 Small steps taken towards organizing can count towards making you a badass at juggling time the right way in your day to day life.