To Tip Or Not to Tip | The Art of Tipping

April 12, 2019

Tipping the right amount in a restaurant


Tipping is a common practice adopted by a variety of service industries. One of the more popular industry this applies to, is the $799 billion restaurant industry. 

From the time the order comes into the kitchen, to the time it arrives at your table, there is quite a bit of work put in by the staff. It is a tedious process and gratitude is always appreciated. Especially because servers and cooks are known to make minimum wage, you will find yourself calculating the tip percent when it is time for you to pay. But it's not always the same case. Sure tipping is always a topic of debate for a lot of people but there are a few exceptions on how and when to tip. 

People have been opting to eat out a lot more than what it used to be. And we say why not, with so many options available to dine out. When and how much needs to be the norm is not very clear. With systems like square and other apps for tipping being more and more available that prompt the customers to tip, it can be a bit of a sticky situation.

Only a few American restaurants included gratuity in the meal price which consisted of high-end restaurants like the Michelin star establishments admitted that tipping seemed to be the norm for the outstanding services. The restaurants which decided to opt out of the gratuity have concluded to question both tipping's economic efficiency and its contribution to social welfare.

Tipping is not always based on the quality of the service offered, which to understand this correctly, is the point of tipping.

The restaurants adapting to the no tipping policy have been known to raise the menu prices to pay their staff embers a higher wage. This eventually gives restaurant owners to contribute towards employee benefits. With the restaurants eliminating the tipping system, the "me" mentality is automatically eliminated too. Let me explain - Servers waiting tables tend to take a lot upon them in order to earn an extra buck or two. Doing this though, they fail to realize that serving more tables than they can handle ultimately affects the service quality and the server lands up with a smaller tip with not so happy customers. Eliminating the tip creates more of teamwork as the tips go into the restaurant pool gets divided equally amongst the servers and chefs.

If you do happen to go to restaurants where tipping is appreciated, here's a guide to help understand better -

1) Gratuity included

Due to certain issues with tipping, restaurants standardize on gratuity. Which simply means factoring in services into the cost of food. Tips aren't expected from customers. Some customers do get perplexed with the thought of not leaving a tip.

2) Sit-Down restaurants

A typical norm for sit-down restaurants would range anywhere between 15 to 20 percent. Restaurants have made it easier for you to total your amount by providing totals with 15%, 20% or even a 25% tip for you to avoid the mess of calculating it. Be generous, don't be a non-tipper. 

3) Food trucks 

Let's face it, food trucks are a stand-alone to go service. There is minimal interaction between a customer and the staff member taking your order. That doesn't mean they don't deserve some credit. Dropping a buck or two would be much appreciated. 

4) Delivery

 Using a branded delivery service? Getting your pizza delivered to you? Doesn't matter. A minimum of $5 does not burn a hole in your pocket. Plus you get to enjoy your hot food while you're watching the Chef's table or Food network tv shows or keeping it simple by listening to Chef's Satchel podcasts

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