Nola.. Nola.. Nola!

October 07, 2018

cafe du monde chef's satchel

When I say New Orleans, you say- FOOD!! It's impossible to not think of food when in New Orleans. The city is known for its five-star chefs, restaurateurs and anyone who loves to dig into a hearty meal.

We decided to tour the city in search of some of the many offerings this lovely place has to offer. 

1) Cafe Amelie 

Cafe Amelie definitely benefits from its location in the heart of the historic French Quarters. Upon entering, you see the wonderful raised garden beds of moss-covered red bricks, lush plants, and trees. This place didn't just amaze us with the lush green interiors and patio but, they have a wonderful selection of food which is priced just right. 

Interiors of Cafe amelie chef's satchel

Shrimps and grits were a super hit at Cafe Amelie.

shrimps and grits chef's satchel

Seared ahi tuna with honey and soy ginger sauce with julienned vegetables and linguini. 

tuna salad at cafe amelie

Brussel sprouts a la planca.

brussel sprouts at cafe amelie

Chocolate chip bread pudding

Bread pudding cafe amelie chef's satchel


2) GW Fins 

Whether your first time in Nola or you're hundredth, this place is got to be on your to-do list. Everything about this place is top notch. The decor is sophisticated and warm. The service is over and beyond, from the time you enter the restaurant to the time you depart. 

Pressed watermelon and pork belly.

Watermelon and pork belly chef's satchel

Smoked sizzling oysters. 

smoked sizzling oysters chef's satchel


Lobster dumplings 

lobster dumplings chef's satchel

Fin wings.

fin wings chef's satchel


3) Stanley 

We decided to do brunch on one of the days, after being recommended by a bunch of people, we decided to try out Stanley and we are SO glad we did. We were leaning towards eggs but couldn't pass up the chance to try their illustrious french toast. 


eggs benny with fried oysters

The famous french toast.

french toast chef's satchel

4) Cafe Du Monde

Can't leave New Orleans without paying a visit to the famous Cafe Du Monde for their Beignets. Soft, fluffy with a ton of icing sugar is exactly how we like it. 

cafe du monde chef's satchel


With great historic spots to amazing food. Nola is bound to get you excited. These were the few restaurants we tried while in New Orleans. Sure to be back for more.