Tips on improving your cooking skills!

September 22, 2019

Cooking tips for messy chefs and homecooks

Wish you had the knowledge of cooking food which actually tastes good? Do you wish you had someone who would guide you through the process of cooking like a pro? But guess what, you don't need anyone. All you need is to take it a step at a time. Below are steps to help you improve your cooking skills. 

1) Read the recipe thoroughly.

As simple as it sounds, it is ignored by most of us. There are times we are at the mid of an amazing recipe we cook and guess what? We forgot to add the most important ingredient. Reading and re-reading the recipe gives you some confidence for each step you take. 

2) Clean work station 

Using the necessary tools and ingredients you need for the recipe is better than piling up your work station with unnecessary clutter. The clutter slows you down and can be frustrating. Taking it slow and keeping it clean makes a huge difference in your cooking. 

3) Simmer it down

Cooking pasta or chicken or simply vegetables does not always have to be on high heat. Especially when you get busy cleaning while the food is cooking. Set a note to simmer it down. This not only helps to keep the food cooking but will save your dish by preventing from doing any damage (burnt)

4) Ovens can lie

Baking bread or a chicken pot pie exactly as per the time mentioned in the recipe book can be tricky. Your oven may not be the same in distributing temperature. Best practice is to invest in a good oven thermometer in order for you to get a better judgment of the temperature. 

5) Taste, Taste, Taste

It is always of best practice to taste your food before adding any more seasoning to avoid overpowering the dish

6) Pasta

When boiling pasta, always choose a bigger pot. This will avoid overcrowding the pot along with an even cooking of the pasta. Let the water come to a rumbling boil before adding the pasta. This will help cook the pasta faster than adding it in simmering water.