What are the best BBQ accessories available? Here you go!

April 16, 2019

Best tools for barbecuing this summer!

A nice sunny day, close friends and family are all you need to organize a great BBQ party. 

I mean who doesn't love some barbecue? If you're one of them then well, you might know someone who is in need of an awesome BBQ gift. Here are some of the accessories which help in making that well-organized BBQ lunch on a sunny day even more amazing.

Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill in Taupe with Grill Cover.

Kamado pro ceramic charcoal grill


What better way than to start this list with an amazing charcoal grill. We love doing grilling old school. Choosing the right BBQ grill is where all the magic starts. Investing in a great BBQ grill will last long. 

The Kamado professional high-quality ceramic grill comes with 2 solid surface drop down shelves for enough space for grilling avoiding crowding. 

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank 

Himalayan pink salt BBQ plank

A lot of BBQ enthusiasts aren't a stranger to this awesome Himalayan Salt Plank.

The simple step of placing this block on the grill, heating it up and cooking your vegetables or steak on it will instantly change the taste by intensifying the flavor profile. With the wonderful pinkish color of the plank can also serve as a presentation platter. After you're done with the food, simply wiping off the Salt plank and it's ready to go again for your next BBQ party as it is naturally antibacterial.  

 Chef's Satchel BBQ aprons

handmade waxed canvas aprons for BBQ

To make the most of your BBQ, you need a badass apron. It can't get any better than Chef's Satchel Leather strap aprons. These aprons perform well in the kitchen, in a bar as well as for barbecuing. These professional aprons are made to protect you from the heat emitted from the coal, has the right amount of pockets to store your tools. WIth a cross back design, it serves as a style statement. Show off that back of yours with the cross back leather straps.

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Thermopro wireless meat thermometer for grilling meats

This is one of the great-regarded lines in wireless meat thermometers. ThermoPro serves perfect for its range of up to 300 ft for you to multi-task while the meat is being cooked. With easy to read and preset modes, it makes it a lot easier to remove the guessing game. 

Western Cedar Grilling Planks 

Cedar grilling planks for grilling seafood and steaks

Grilling Planks are perfect for grilling steaks or seafood to impart a natural smokey flavor. These planks are designed to absorb liquid as a result of cooking meats which helps expedite the cooking process. 

Chef's Satchel Knife roll

Handmade leather canvas knife roll for BBQ tools

The wonderfully handcrafted kitchen tools equipment carrier is made with buffalo hide. The double stitched leather knife roll serves wonderfully to carry those knives of yours for any BBQ party in style. Chef's Satchel knife roll can house 8 knives which we assume are more than enough, especially when you need to debone or carve the meat. These canvas chef knife rolls can also be gifted to a BBQ enthusiast. 

Tell us some of your favorite BBQ tools in the comments below.