15 Reasons Why CHEF'S SATCHEL PRODUCTS Are Worth Every Bit

June 06, 2019

chef's satchel products are the best you can buy for the quality

custom embroidery by chef's Satchel


With all the options out there it is hard to choose what apron or knife roll is a perfect fit for you. 

Well, we are about to make this 100% easy for you, 2 words, 'Chef's Satchel'. 

A great knife helps breeze through prep and service. But what about the other accessories? Sure there are companies that claim to be great or as a matter of fact, a league of their own. Here's what makes Chef's Satchel different in the market! 

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15 Reasons Why Our Products are Worth Every Bit! 

Takes a Chef to know exactly how a Chef works. Owner and Chef Firoz Thanawalla designs the products based on his experience as a cook. 

It takes a group of 12 caring people to make each of our products. 

All of our products are handmade - Period!

Our leather goes through as less processing as possible for us to maintain the raw look for our leather knife storage sheath and all of our leather products. 

All of our aprons and knife rolls are made with adjustable straps for the most comfort. 

Customers are the key to our success. We constantly strive for the best customer service.

Whether it be for father's day, Valentine's day or just a thoughtful gift, our products are sure to make your loved ones happy. 

All of the materials for our aprons are hand selected.

Our Leather strap cross back aprons are designed with keeping in mind the weight distribution over the shoulders as compared to the neck. 

We do personalization. Got a name or a logo you'd like to personalize your knife roll or apron with? We got your back! 

You are sure to receive a luxury product for a great price. 

Our backpacks are a travel essential. 

Needless to say, our products definitely help you stay trendy. 

We got you - If you happen to not like our product or you were to be dissatisfied, we guarantee a full refund. 

BE YOU - Chef's Satchel is not just a brand making apparel, we are a brand always looking to build confidence amongst individuals. Believe in yourself - You're worth every bit! ❤️

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