Here's how to make the Most of Parmesan Rinds!

March 27, 2019

Uses of Parmesan Rinds by Chef's Satchel

What are parmesan rinds? 

Parmesan rinds are exactly what it sounds like. It is the outer rind of authentic parmesan cheese which is inedible for its hard texture.  We are talking about the hard pieces of the parmesan block which most of us think is of no use. Think again. 
best uses for Parmesan rinds
These rinds may seem to be of no use but, they pack in a lot of flavors. 


Parmesan rinds can be used in a variety of ways

Pasta Sauces:

Ever thought of enhancing your pasta sauce with parmesan flavor without having to add too much of the grated parmesan to it? Parmesan rinds can often be used in a variety of pasta sauces whether it be a white or red sauce. 


The rinds are a great addition for stocks. Having to toss a few pieces of rinds into a chicken based or vegetable based stock, it is sure to surprise you for what it is worth. This stock can be used as a base for soups such as a simple vegetable soup to Italian-style soups such as the Minestrone. 


We all know making risotto can be a little daunting. Simply following a recipe can be fun to try. One of the steps involved in making risotto through is adding broth to the rice. This is the perfect time to use up some of that parmesan broth you've made with so much love. 

Toasted rinds:

A lot of time toasting some rinds of parmesan on direct flame and tossing it in a dish can add another level of flavor to any dish you desire to use it for. 

Now that you know a few creative ways to use the rinds, let's look into how best to store them. 


Freezing rinds can be the best way to store it for as long as 6 months. Simply put it in a ziplock bag and label it. (let's be honest, with the uses we have stated, we hardly doubt you'd let it be in the freezer for that long) 


If you have already planned on what your next meal is going to be which calls for the use of parmesan rinds in your next dish, you can refrigerate these bad boys. 
Tell us what have you used the parmesan rinds for. 

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