What do Chefs eat after work? | Chef Satchel

November 05, 2016

What do Chefs eat after work?

You might think Chefs crave for fancy food after spending 14 to 16 hours a day in the kitchen. You may think they get home and whip up extravagant food with great presentation.

You are wrong!

When home after work, I like to treat myself to a bowl of cereal. Yes, that’s right!

As for other Chefs I am sure it doesn’t stop at a bowl of cereal. The menu consists of frozen pizzas, leftover pasta, hot dogs, and 2 minute noodles, etc.

On my days off, I love to prepare 3-course meals for my wife and I.  These meals consist of arugula salad with feta and herb dressing, mushroom risotto, baked red snapper with fennel and garlic, and baileys crème brulèe.

Bottom line – we love eating! And no, we do not get tired of preparing food for others and ourselves.

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