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November 05, 2016

Chef Life after hours

Tan Leather Knife bag with white inside

Ever wondered what a chef does after work? - 90% of chefs love to stick around at work and enjoy a drink with their employees. Why you ask?

A chef spends endless amounts of hours with the same team. This team, who know each other better than their own families.
In a chef’s life, it is very easy to lose touch with oneself.  With all the stress and pressure, it is very important to have the perfect balance between work and life. For that, it is always advisable to take a few days off once in a while and invest it in traveling around the world.
I’m saying it with personal experience. Traveling to a different destination not only helps you recharge yourself, but also gives you a chance to see and taste different cuisines. This in turn is an advantage to be inspired as well as rejuvenate one’s life.

So get out there and travel the world because life is too short and there’s a lot to do, see, and eat!

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